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About Associate links. Apparently something people do on their blogs is to add an associate link to the end of a URL when they link to Amazon.  I signed up to the Associates programme years ago but never really did anything with it so even after at least five years I've never quite managed to reach the £25 minimum for a gift voucher.

One of the reasons I haven't gone to town on it is because I don't know the etiquette really.  Some people say it's expected, others say they want to know if an associate code has been added which makes sense but feels difficult to implement without being too clunky and obvious, but again I don't want to be underhanded about it somehow.

Plus there's the notion of exactly why I'd want to.  I generally do this for fun (not that it seems that way sometimes) and the idea of y'know, a kickback, feels a bit alien.  Now and then I've had offers to put advertising up here too, or had suggestions about a "tip  jar" somewhere but again it changes the boundaries between whether this is a hobby or something more.

I'm not sure it works anyway.  I've had those links under the "support feeling listless" heading in the sidebar for ages and nothing has happened.  Perhaps I don't get enough visitors.  Or I'm just not very good at this.

For now, I've decided to finally put a link on the most trafficked post on the blog, the Doctor Who chronology.  Just some text and a link, nothing obnoxious I don't think and I'll keep an eye on it and see what happens (you can see it at the bottom of the list here) (feel free to comment on language).

Last time I tried this, with the coffee bag thingy, I made about fifty virtual gift pence and that's pretty much stopped anyway now that they're available anywhere and everywhere, notably Home Bargains and Waitrose.

We'll see.  With any luck I'll manage to scrape together enough vouchers to stream Agent Carter at least.

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