An A-Z of BBC Three.

TV Just before BBC Three didn't properly leave television, the BBC iPlayer was updated to include an A-Z list of programmes for a given channel.

When the channel stopped linear broadcasting, the link to a live stream was taken down from the BBC Three iPlayer page, a module which also included a link to this handy A-Z list.

But it still exists.  It's here.

This list will become increasingly useful as the programmes broadcast in the channel's final month drop off and we'll be able to see how much new content is actually being added or "broadcast" though it's noticeable already that online only programmes have a far longer window for watching, anything up to a year so it'll always look relatively busy.

"Interesting" sidebar:

For all the other channels, the a-z link is structured thus:

But the BBC has an extra layer:

The BBC One link 404s if you add the /tv/ bit back in just as the BBC Three link does if you take it out.  I wonder why.

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