BBC Three's New Secret Schedule. An update.

TV Did you set your PVR? Did you? Did you see it?

As you'll remember the other day, I published, straight from the EPG, the fact of BBC Three still being broadcast on television but in the middle of the night with its new schedule.

Well, last night, at 2am, BBC Three effectively did go back air for two hours.

Here's what happened:

"BBC Three has moved online" said an announcer over the new BBC Three ident, "and you can continue to watch all your favourite BBC Three shows at bbc dot co dot uk forward slash BBC Three or on BBC iPlayer."

Then, counter to all that she continued, "Some Girls here through the night and this one contains strong language."

Cue the second episode of Some Girls with a massive translucent dayglo pink DOG in the corner of the screen saying that BBC Three has moved online with the URL below and so it went through the next three episodes.

After the final episode there was a trailer of Life and Death Row which cut to the "We've moved" test card with the yellow huskies or wolves or whatever they are.

So yes, BBC Three continues to broadcast for two hours in the middle of the night perhaps as a contact suggested on the Twitters, so that the channel can retain its EPG slot notably on Sky where there are rules about how much content must be supplied in a day.

Sidebar.  Although eps 2-4 of Some Girls were broadcast last night, they're still only available for six days on the iPlayer not the usual post-broadcast month.

I wonder how long this will carry on for and how far into the archive they'll plunge.

Spooks: Code 9?  Please?

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