Prisoners of Time (Prisoners of Time, IDW Comic #12).

Comics Well, this is appalling, the comics equivalent of the BBC Three After Show which even includes its own version of the sitdown game. Having not spent the whole of 2013 working my way through ten of the other issues, I can't comment on how much of an anti-climax it must have been but suffice to say it makes all the mistakes that Assimilation 2 did in having all of these amazing characters and giving them average things to do before winding down to a denouement which manages to be both routine and also really bizarre in that it tries to give a heroic death to a figure who really didn't deserve to resurrected in the first place.  SPOILER ALERT:  All the incarnations of the Doctor and most of his companions fight Adam Mitchell, the Ainley Master and some Autons and Mitchell gives his life to save the universe.  For goodness sake.  The final page is of what looks like the entire cast of Doctor Who standing around Adam's TARDIS shaped gravestone.  Troughton has his head bowed.  Christ.  The Eighth Doctor's participation is minimal.  Apart from being stuck at the back of numerous frames, he is given the initial infodump to explain why all the Doctors are there and as a brief conversation with Grace, ("And you want to give this life up?" "Call me crazy, Doctor!").  On the up side, Kelly Yate's art really is top notch, perfectly capturing the faces of everyone involved.  Placement: straight after the other issue, I expect.

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