Unfollow (update!)

Social Media Here is a brief update about my experiment to only follow humans rather than institutions on Twitter. I'll use some bullet points for speed.

(1) As I said last time, this has led to Twitter feeling more like it used right at the beginning with wave upon wave of humanity chattering away about all the subjects under the sun apart from football and whatever else I have muted on Tweetdeck.

(ii) BUT having decided to follow all the people who work for an institution rather than the institution doesn't mean it's always possible to keep up with that institution's activities. Unsurprisingly people don't tend to talk about work outside of work and also aren't great at publicising their own writing and/or using social media in general. They assume, quite rightly, that an institution's official feed will do the job for them.

(c) The upshot of which is I've started following some institutional feeds again.

  • BUT the trick is to only follow those feeds you genuinely find useful rather than the scattershot approach of before. Just because you can follow the V&A feed, doesn't mean that you should if you don't live with a few hundred miles.

So the upshot of this experiment is that I just need to carry on experimenting.

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