Lucie Miller returns!

Audio Big Finish's big announcement at Gallifrey One this year is the return of Sheridan Smith as Lucie Miller for a Short Trip reading!

There's a huge piece about it including spoilery podcast on the website already.

Good lord this is exciting, especially since by the sounds of it, writer Alice Cavender has chosen a first person approach which means Lucie lives, at least for the purposes of this "missing" adventure, past Doctor story or whatever you tend to call these things.

Of course ideally we'd have her back for some full cast audios but unlike other incarnations, Big Finish is understandably less interested in jumping around inside the Eighth Doctor's chronology preferring to move forward. Or so I thought. Take it away Nicholas:
"It’s great to have her returning to Big Finish, and, who knows, perhaps these great Short Trips readings will lead to Lucie making a full-cast return to us one day. There are, after all, many opportunities during her long story with the Eighth Doctor that give us a chance to revisit her era and insert new adventures. But I can confirm there are definitely no plans to reverse her fate in To The Death.'"
So that's already a done deal then isn't it?  I can't imagine he'd mention it otherwise.  So another boxed set coming Nick or individual releases?  Same format as before?

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