Amazon Prime Studio Search.

Film If you have Amazon Prime Video thingy, one of the slight annoyances is that you can't search for films via studio. Or so I thought.

Just typed StudioCanal into the search box at the top and sure enough here's everything on there from StudioCanal.

This seems to work for any studio. Here's Fox Searchlight. 20th Century Fox. Universal. Warners. Um, Film Chest. Content Film.

Why is this useful? Well, the licensing agreement with StudioCanal in particular means that there's plenty of European, notably French films which haven't had a theatrical release in the UK on the list featuring directors and stars which have had hits on our art house circuit.

But this is the more mainstream, genre fare which doesn't tend to be released here because it's less marketable than similar US material which won't be subtitled. The comedy trailered above starring Fanny Ardant for example has only otherwise been seen in France, Portugal, Greece and Hungary.

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