"We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious. They stole it from us."

Film Now that The Hobbit films have wrapped up, last month I decided it would be a good idea to slip straight into The Lord of the Rings trilogy in their extended edition. Not having my dvd copies to hand I thought I'd buy them on blu-ray instead.

There appeared to be two options.

The boxed set, which is the extended trilogy on blu-ray, but also the special features from the dvd version on repressings of the original dvds which I already own from buying the films ten years ago and nothing new. For £120.

Or the single disc releases and now here's the rub.

Checking Amazon I saw they had Fellowship and Return of the King for £3.30 and about £5 respectively but not The Two Towers. The Two Towers is listed as unavailable on Amazon.

Undaunted I bought the other two anyway on the assumption I might able to find the other in a shop.


I could not find the other in a shop. Tried HMV. Tried That's Entertainment. Tried Fopp.

Fopp finally informed me that the disc was deleted two years ago, a fact which they seemed somewhat annoyed about because they had dozens of copies of the other two films which were practically unshiftable.

I've emailed the WB's publicity to ask them about this.  We'll see.  They tend to ignore my emails.

Meanwhile, there are second hand copies available.  Here's one at CEX which looks like it's from the boxed set.  Plus I'll be able to rent a stream if I'm really desperate.

But I think I'm going to fight for one which matches.  Precious.

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