BBC World News. A History.

Journalism a516digital has a really thorough history of BBC World News which turns twenty-five this year:
"The new BBC World consisted of several blocks of news each day, each lasting between 2 and 3 hours: Newsroom, Newsday, Newsdesk, Newshour Asia-Pacific, The World Today and The World Report. In between, regular World News bulletins sat alongside a selection of lifestyle programmes, stripped across the week in a strand called "Time Out", giving international viewers a chance to see the likes of Holiday, Food and Drink, The Clothes Show, Tomorrow's World, Top Gear and Film 95 with Barry Norman. A further strand of longer programmes were scheduled at various points of the day, with a variety of current affairs programmes including Panorama, The Money Programme, Correspondent and Question Time and factual programmes including Horizon and Rough Guide to the World."
I'm still fascinated by the notion that there are BBC branded channels broadcasting outside of the UK, especially BBC World News which has some of its own presenters and correspondents who we'll never see and programmes we can never watch.

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