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Journalism Following on from my nostalgia burst the other day regarding The North-West Enquirer on the occasion of The New Day closing comes news that someone else is having a go at publishing a paper for the whole of the North West.

As Roy Greenslade explains:
 "From 20 June, the Carlisle-based CN Group will distribute a title called 24 - The North’s National across a swathe of the north west region, running south from the Scottish border county of Dumfries and Galloway to Preston, Lancashire.

"Some 95% of the editorial content for the 40-page paper will be drawn from the Press Association, which issued the press release announcing the launch. The cover price for the Monday-to-Friday title has been set at 40p."
Does this mean that it'll simply be republishing wire copy in much the same way as some of The Guardian seems to recently in the news section or will the Press Association be preparing copy specially for its innards?  Will it be tailored for the local audience or simply feature national and international news?

Plenty of PA's work is showcased through their twitter feed and Snap.PA.  Will this be a paper version of that?


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