Bye, Bye BHS, Goodbye.

Commerce Of all the shops that have gone into receivership recently, BHS is oddly one of the names which I've no particular affection for.

There are some brands like Woolworths, C&A and Borders which were part of life's landscape, whereas BHS was just always sort of there.

I've no loving anecdotes or stories. I bought the green jumper I wore to the first Liverpool Twestival there. I'd always try to get in a few days before Christmas to see if any of the generic presents had been reduced enough to make them worth buying.

They used to have a festive shop in the old Clayton Square which one year was completely sold out so all of the shelves were filled with pillows for sale.  Hundreds and hundreds of pillows.

I also had a discussion with a manager about soup recently, which I recounted in a tweetstorm.

Presumably there'll be the usual closing down sale with customers shouting at employees who're about to lose their jobs because the products are either sold out or not as cheap as they judge they should be.

Department stores are particularly difficult when they shutter because there'll be legacy employees who've been there for years and invested a lot of years into the business and will now find themselves having to find work elsewhere in a dwindling retail market.  Hopefully Marks & Spencers or John Lewis will recognise their worth.

Goodness knows what'll happen to the actual shops.  The location on Lord Street in Liverpool is huge and spread across two buildings and in a prime location.  We don't have a Waitrose yet, but this is in an awkward position.

Bye, Bye BHS, Goodbye.

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