Review 2016: 216: Call for Entries.

About I've never done this before but I'm changing the theme for this year's Review 2016.

Now that we know for sure that the world is a divided, broken place, how about we do this:

How about we make a list of good things which happened in 2016?

216 of them.

How about we take the zero out of 2016 and find out what's left?

Tweet, facebook or email a single sentence. Could be something which has happened to you or something which you've enjoyed. Something about a song, a film, a book, a meal, a friend.

If you like, I'll credit you at the bottom with the number of your contribution and a link to your website/social media account of choice.

I'll post it at New Year. Have a go at giving us some hope going into 2017.


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