Who did Taylor Swift vote for?

Politics There's no real plan to blog the US election. But one "interesting" question is why Taylor Swift has been quiet during this election. Of all the celebrities you might expect to have been intervening it's her, especially when you consider how dominant Beyonce and Katy Perry have been.

Quarter of an hour ago, her instagram account posted the following:

A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

She performed at the 2008 Republican convention but apparently voted for Obama

Which is probably why she hasn't revealed how she voting backed a particular side at a rally.

Unlike Perry or Beyonce, Swift's popularity probably breaks across both party lines which is difficult in such a partisan country.  Saying she's a Republican immediately alienates her Liberal fans (not to mention some of her celebrity friends).  Appearing at a Clinton rally could lead to her receiving a measure of the treatment the Dixie Chicks have received.

So for entirely understandable reasons she's kept shtum.

That means I can assume she voted for Hillary and carry on enjoying her music.

Updated 17/11/2016 She voted for Hillary. I can start listening to 1989 again guilt free.

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