"the sinister implications of surveillance"

From Joni Mitchell to Laura Marling: how female troubadours changed music:
"Singing about drugs, politics and disappointment was once seen as a male pursuit – and almost half a century after female artists began to defy convention, many are still trying break the mould."

Celebration of women filmmakers triggers heated debate among Salma Hayek, Jessica Williams and Shirley MacLaine:
"Is your coat wool?” Alfre Woodard asked as she sat at a long, flower-filled table draped with purple paisley Italian linen. “I’m allergic to wool. I can never wear anything nice.”

A Dizzying Tour of London:

"Aerial photographer Jason Hawkes has seen London from just about every angle. For the last 20 years, he’s been photographing Great Britain’s capital from an AS355 twin-engine helicopter, capturing the cityscape from as low as 450 feet to as high as 3,000 feet."

The Invisible City: The Cinema Of Surveillance:
"In this essay commissioned by Heart of Glass, Laura Robertson considers what cinema has to teach us about the sinister implications of surveillance in domestic and corporate life. What is our awareness and understanding of surveillance today? And have our attitudes towards it changed at all since the 1950s?"

19 Starbucks Meals From Around The World:
"America really needs to step up its croissant game."

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