Who will be the new Doctor (Who)?

TV For some reason I haven't seen any speculation as to who might be the next Doctor (who) ... on this blog so I think it's high time I made a list. Here are ten actors who'd be amazing choices with a gratuitous video of them doing some acting (because frankly what's the point in me writing a paragraph about their careers because you either know them or you don't and you probably won't read the text anyway). Thanks to @eurovisellie for pointing out #3.

(1) Romola Garai (obvs)

Romola Garai is The Doctor from Stuart Burns on Vimeo.

(2) Hayley Atwell

(3) Phoebe Waller-Bridge

(4) Kate Kennedy

(5) Sacha Dhawan

(6) Zawe Ashton

(7) Catherine Tate

(8) Gina Bellman

(9) Sean Pertwee

(10) Paul McGann

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