"You will all become one with the Beeb..."

TV Happy New Year. Sorry I've not been around much lately. On Christmas Day evening, the virus which seems to have effected all of us to some degree hit me and I was in bed for much of this past week, only really emerging long enough to post Review 2016, which seems to have gone down well, so that's nice. The lurgy is still lingering on, doing various uncomfortable things to my body which are indescribable in polite company. Which should go some way to explain why you haven't seen my review of Doctor Who or whatever that was. Rest assured you'll be seeing the usual six to eight paragraphs of semi-legible opinion once I'm motivated to.

To the point: BBC One has refreshed its idents after about ten years, replacing the circular theme with something akin to a piece of art documentary of the kind which might grace a wall at the Liverpool Biennial. Find above a collection of the first, an exercise class and sea swimmers, the idea of having a collection of people representing "oness".  Are they real people or actors and are these just as produced as everything else albeit on a less digital scale or are we seeing something much more spontaneous?  I'm intrigued.  The implication seems to be that they won't be themed with the programmes but there has to be some scope for that, cosplayers in front of Doctor Who etc.

Updated  02/01/2017:  They're by Martin Parr and these are real people.

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