An Apology.

Life Back in the naughties when blogging was still a thing and phrases like "digitally artisanal" weren't being thrown around be people who're stupid enough to be still doing this as a justification for not simply dropping every thought into a fifty tweet thread on some other platform, there'd be how to guides on how to write the best web-logs. Underneath "choose a decent name" and "write in short sentences" was a warning against explaining why you might not have posted in a while. "Don't apologise for not blogging" they'd say, "just blog."

Which is the rule I've tried to stick to across the years, but I posted five times in August having been wandering around here almost daily up until then and well ... Does anybody even notice?  Does anybody care?  Most blogs that have gone by the wayside across the often do so without much warning.  A lot of the old Brit blogs I used to read end on a fairly typical post without a Dear John letter to its audience explaining why it's breaking up with them.  Things happen and people just stop.  For a while I wondered, if I ever did decide to call time on this, what would I do?  Would I simply stop too, or would I have to say something, offer some kind of explanation?

Fortunately, I don't have to decide yet.  I'm not going anywhere.  As I've said in the past, there's really no point in me not having a blog even if the post frequency oscillates between constipation or full on liquidy diarrhoea.  With a whole new Doctor Who to review with some frequency, the ongoing potential for a Sugababes album in the future when everyone's finished their maternity leave and plenty of Hamlets on the horizon (and to catch up on), something will appear here.  The reasons for having this blog haven't changed, even if this paragraph in particular sounds like I'm trying to convince myself.

Anyway, so yes, I apologise for not blogging much over the past month, I've been busy with some things.


  1. That you continue to blog is fantastic!

    I don't do so myself anywhere near enough (and I'd be happy with once a month).

    I think particularly in the toxic online culture the anglophone world is developing, some demonstration and use of the ancient craft of blogging is very important.

  2. Still here too. Still not going anywhere. I don't think I know HOW to do anything else.

  3. August is rubbish. No one's around to read blogs. I used to schedule blog posts to appear over August while I was away on holiday, so fearful was I of losing readers. Then I stopped that and just up gave up blogging in August about three years ago. Readership numbers have been basically the same no matter what I do. Best to just relax, I reckon

  4. Thanks everyone. I'm essentially saying sorry, not sorry.