History The Guardian asks, Where were you when Diana died?

I was in bed.

For some reason I'd woken up very early that morning, perhaps 5pm. which was entirely unlike me until my routine became waking up at 6:45 every day. After making a cup of tea, I settled in to watch The Hudsucker Proxy which I'd video taped overnight from Channel 4. In between times, with no internet, no social media, I hadn't turned on the television and when I did, it was after popping the video directly back into the machine, bypassing whatever was on Channel 4 at the time.

Once "You know, for kids..." was over, at the end of the credits, Channel 4 announced that Diana had been in an accident.  Which she had at the time of recording, and this was the information I passed on to my parents, the information they woke up to because I woke them up to tell them.  Only after I'd left the room did I realise that this was old news and by the time we turned on the television her death had been confirmed.

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