Dr. Eighth.

Book A few years ago BBC Radio 4 broadcast about the history of the Mr. Men and how the franchise is being looked after and exploited by Roger Hargreaves's son Adam, especially after it was sold on to UK entertainment group Chorion and how they're only really interested in modernising the product around the fringes, keeping the key elements as much as possible. Now, here's some cross franchise pollination with Who stories written and illustrated in the style of a Mr. Man book, one for each Doctor, including Eighth. As expected Hargreaves has the very 2013 problem of not being able to reference anything about this iteration of the Time Lord due to other licensees having properly defined him apart from about an hour of telly. I'd expected his solution would be to offer a generic version, but actually between the character design with his floppy hair and green skin (surely a reference to his jacket in Night of the Doctor) and what few lines of dialogue he has, the writer offers a pretty good approximation of his dry wit.  Across the thirty-two pages there are two linked stories, about saving the crew of an exploding starship and mediating a conflict between the Sea Devils (old school design) and Silurians (nuWho look) and it's all good fun and even manages to have an illustration of the inside the TV Movie console room evoked by the steampunk supports.  Placement: Frankly there's nothing in here which not as well be canonical considering what's been permissible elsewhere, so due to his costume, I've put it at the start of the Time War.

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