Pop-Up Globe.

Theatre While we wait for Shakespeare's Globe in London to return to its roots, in Australia, a pop up version of iron and steel has opened in Melbourne in Australia and looks brilliant:
"As a gamble, it’s paid off – the Pop-up Globe has completed two seasons in New Zealand, and already sold 40,000 tickets for its first repertory rotations in Melbourne. Three companies with a total personnel of 90 travel with the show, as does its wardrobe of 500 bespoke costumes. The size is warranted for the programme; no less than 14 individual shows are staged every week of its season. It’s a relentless schedule replicated in the physical construction of the theatre itself; the whole Pop-up is assembled over just six weeks, and packed down in less than three."
Touring companies which carried a theatre with them is how drama and comedy flourished in the sixteenth century and it's often suggested how Shakespeare was inspired to become an actor and dramatist, perhaps even joining a company himself in the "missing" years.

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