Christmas Links #24

How to cope with a solo Christmas? Relish every moment:
"I have had many big family Christmases and, no question, they can be wonderful. But throughout my 20s I often chose to do Christmas on my own."

The Medieval Origins of the Christmas Carol:
"Most people today think of a carol as any song or hymn related to Christmas. In its origins, it is something both more and less specific than this. It is derived from the Old French word carole, referring to a round of dancers, singing and holding hands."

'Mum suggested under the ironing board': where are you sleeping this Christmas?
"If you’re heading home for the holidays, will your bed be in the junk room, with the dog or in your childhood bedroom (with novelty duvet cover)?"

BBC celebrities we said goodbye to in 2017:
"As 2017 draws to a close we remember some of the actors, presenters, writers and comedians who have graced the BBC with their talents, but sadly died during the year."

Why We Kiss Under Mistletoe And Toast With Eggnog:

"Whether it's hanging lights, baking dozens of cookie variations or just enjoying the plants, holidays are full of traditions. But like with any tradition, sometimes you've been doing it so long that you don't know why."

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