My Favourite Company of 2017.

Film When Amazon finally assassinated Lovefilm, I was entirely bereft and unsure what I'd do in terms of seeing new film releases in a timely fashion. Having attempted the streaming only option for six months, it was apparent that relying on NowTV, Netflix, Amazon and even Mubi simply didn't provide the same coverage as dvds by post.

Luckily some quick googling around one desperate afternoon led me to Cinema Paradiso who had apparently been a main rival since around the time I originally signed up to ScreenSelect and within a couple of weeks I decided that I'd been backing the wrong service all these years and that Lovefilm closing had led me to a company with a much better catalogue and service.

Whereas giving the newest releases the highest priority on Lovefilm rarely guaranteed that they'd be sent that week, for the most part I've been receiving some dvds through Cinema Paradiso on the day after release, even what you'd imagine to be those with a high demand.  Apart from understandably at Christmas, turn around has been even faster than Lovefilm and now I'm not sure how I'd cope without them.

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