The 231163 Diaries:
Sir John Gielgud.

Theatre Gielgud's entry, a letter to his long term partner, is a reminder that despite the backdrop of a Presidential assassination, most people did just get on with their lives, that it didn't preclude the usual weekend hedonism. 

 The actor would later give a Shakespeare recitation, of sonnets, at the groundbreaking of the Kennedy Center in 1964 in the presence of Lady Bird Johnson (see the Kat Graham entry), during his run in Hamlet on Broadway (see above).

To Paul Anstee

26 November, Sydney

Had a mad weekend at a seaside bungalow. Visited various rich queens in the neighbourhood (Whale Beach). Rather exhausting altogether, but quite fun too. They all have wonderful views out of huge glass pseudo-modern houses, but no space round. Everyone seems to build on top of everyone else. Pretty hideous furnishings - bars the central feature of every sitting room. Most of them have good pictures - the locals are very expensive (I mean the artists' pictures) and everyone vies to have a good collection before they go to England and become top price best sellers like Sidney Nolan.

Most of the gentlemen in Sydney wear shorts with white stockings - only successful on the young and slim of course. John [Perry] is thrifty as a bead bag and won't let me fritter money, so I dare say I shall return quite a wealthy old lady.

[Source: GIELGUD, Sir John. 2004. Sir John Gielgud: A Life in Letters. Arcade Publishing.]

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