The 23111963 Diaries:
A Country Diary.

Nature A Country Diary was first published in The Guardian in November 1906

For a few paragraphs those of us stuck in cities are provided with a window into rural areas and landscapes most of us can only imagine.

The column covering the weekend of the 23rd to 27th published on the 30th November is attributed to a writer E.D. and I'd welcome any help in identifying who that is.


Conway, November 27

Snow was reported on the higher parts of Denbigh moors some ten days ago but in the three days it had disappeared. The Snowdonia range, viewed from to of Bryn Euryn, has not yet been capped with snow or hail, nor has the frost blighted the gardens on this strip of the North West coast. One could say it has been a very mild autumn, and spring bulbs are already showing on my rockery and the beds around the lawn.  They include anemones and hyacinths, with bluebells well on the way.  There has been more rain and wind than average this November but this does not delay the bulbs.  In spite of the high winds odd sycamore trees still blaze with bright yellow, and gorse is now adding to the colour on the hills.

The gulls seem to enjoy the high winds, and their mastery of swooping flight is wonderful to watch.  This morning a few rooks joined the common and herring gulls in the fantastic flying exhibition.  They, too, seemed to be filled with the spirit of spring even before winter officially starts.  This feeling is underlined by the call of the great tit which has been sounding for the last week.  Maybe this coming winter will not be too bad, although fieldfare and redwing are still missing from their usual haunts.

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