Doctor Who's Honest Trailers.

TV Sunday night's episode seems to have been an unqualified success. Overnight ratings in the UK were 8.2m with a 40 odd percent share which is huge (although as my Mum pointed out there was sod all on the other channels). Next week, ITV's running The Chase opposite which is incredibly bad faith treatment of Bradley Walsh, his two key shows running opposite each other albeit in different genres.  Reviews for the most part have been ecstatic from what I've read, although I'd be equally interested to see what people who didn't like it thought, what didn't work for them (assuming its not just man-baby screed about SJWs and gender box ticking).

Anyway, in the past couple of hours Screen Junkies have produced Honest Trailers for the classic and new series which are surprisingly light touch, cover some of the ground us fans know already but have a couple of decent jokes each. The classic series version necessarily has a few more of the old cliches in but does at least acknowledge the existence of Big Finish. But the nuWho edition just makes me want to go watch it all again. There's just something about this dopey old show which isn't anything like anything else on television still. This is a show which could not be pitched from scratch now. Yet here it is still getting huge ratings.

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