The 231163 Diaries:
Alfred Kazin.

Politics Alfred Kazin was an American writer and literary critic, many of whose writings depicted the immigrant experience in early twentieth century America [source]. Whilst this entry doesn't directly depict events which happened on the 23rd November, the words are a prophecy of the future effect Kennedy's assassination would have on history.

November 22, 1963

Kennedy was shot around noon in Dallas this afternoon and died about an hour later.  The fact is, when have concluded all self-pitying thoughts about the in-consequence of the might when they have fallen, that the dead do have a very great power over us - that the last cry of the dying, though it is certainly not carried with any action, reverberates in out mind as a continuing effect .... Because we die, when all is said and done we live in consciousness on this side of life and not the other, Kennedy's tragedy will have a larger effect on our lives than his administration.  The final destructive blow taken against him and his silent subjection takes on continuing implications that his own actions did not.  His somehow pitiful fate has become a major event in our lives.

Publically, his appearance was always light, ironic, witty in resource and charming.  His fate is in its consequence incalculably heavy.  He is a perfect example of the prodigal son - all that substance lost and wasted!  We thought (because he tried to seem so) that America could be without the business of the Damocles Sword descending upon us - which is tragedy or fate (the tragedy being that we cannot resist its weight).  In the end all the wealth, charm, easiness, youth, came to very little [very little in proportion to the ends expected of such advantages].  The tragedy is the Irish immigrant hope that enough money and [illegible] would turn life into a "success," that the inevitable terms of life's bargain would somehow be changed.

[Source: KAZIN, Alfred.  2011.  Alfred Kazin's Journals.  Yale University Press.]

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