Christmas Links #21

Christmas traffic: Where to avoid on the roads and rail:
"The Christmas getaway means congested roads and cancelled trains. Drivers have been warned of possible delays of nearly two hours as millions of cars take to the motorways. But where should you avoid and at what times will traffic be busiest?"

Explainer - How drones caused travel chaos at Gatwick airport:
"London Gatwick Airport reopened on Friday after a rogue drone saboteur wrought travel chaos for hundreds of thousands of Christmas travellers."

Adoption ban reminds Germans pets are not just for Christmas:
"Europe’s largest sanctuary will keep 1,400 animals over festive season so that none end up as unwanted gifts."

Christmas puppy surprise: Oklahoma parents secretly adopt dog daughter had been caring for at shelter:
"Christmas came early for one Oklahoma daughter whose father adopted the dog she was caring for at a shelter — and the moment was caught on camera."

Please sign for this delivery:
"DING DONG! Merrily on high, but also as in: the sound of a doorbell! Who's there? It's a delivery person and they are happy to deliver, leave on your doorstep or hand to a neighbour you've never met… A new Popjustice website!"

24 Amazing Pop Christmas Songs That Aren't "All I Want For Christmas Is You":
"Don't worry, Mariah still makes an appearance!"

Radio 3 Carol Competition 2018:
"And the winner is… John Merrick!"

Inside the Christmas movie mega-complex churning out festive films:
"Hollywood blockbusters cost staggering amounts to produce. But Hallmark makes Christmas movies for $2m each and it makes tens of the movies each year. These are the secrets to its success."

Stump-Grown Christmas Trees Are the Gift That Keeps on Giving:
"Using the sustainable and ancient method of coppicing, evergreen Christmas trees can be regrown indefinitely."

Millennials Strike Again: This Time We Are Killing Cash And 'Merry Christmas':
"The Grinch might as well get in line behind millennials."

Kate Middleton and Prince William Will Reportedly Only Spend Christmas with the Royals "Moving Forward":
"It has to do with the Queen and Prince Philip's "advancing ages.""

Gigantic ice-filled crater on Mars portraying idyllic wintry scene:
"An 82 kilometre-wide crater on Mars that may be topped with snow has been photographed by the ESA’s (European Space Agency) Mars Express."

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