Christmas Links #22

We Need to Move Christmas:
"The worst thing about Christmas is that it makes winter longer, and unbearably so."

Can 'Super Saturday' save Christmas?
"Retailers hoping for a last-minute rush of Christmas shoppers on "Super Saturday" may be disappointed as trade looked set to peak before the weekend."

The Secret to Being the Hero of Every Holiday Party:
"It’s a big-ass bottle of wine."

Police department donates $20,000 worth of toys to children's hospital:
"Christmas came early for patients at a Washington state children’s hospital thanks to a small town police department."

Netflix’s A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding is straight trash. But it’s cozy trash:
"No one who made the sequel to A Christmas Prince cared, and that’s the secret to its appeal."

The lies I will and won’t tell my kids this Christmas:
"Christmas in our house is a time of great joy, largely because my husband and I are freelancers, so between us we have approximately three-and-a-half days off over the festive period and, by God, we plan to enjoy them."

Christmas Lights Can Slow Wi-Fi But They Probably Won't:
"Wondering if you must choose between decking your tree out with Christmas lights or having usable Wi-Fi in your home for the holidays?"

Christmas in La-La Land:
"Holiday magic in Los Angeles comes down to the thing that always sets California apart: the quality of light."

Sorry, Santa: A Chinese City Has Just Banned All Things Christmas:
"Santa Claus is no longer welcome in a Chinese city where local authorities this year banned all things Christmas."

20 years of Christmas number ones:
"Every year, for a reason we’re still not quite sure of, a number of artists vie to top the charts over Christmastime."

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