Night, night.

Life As part of my cognitive behavioral therapy, I've changed my sleep pattern. So I've been going to bed at 10pm and waking at 6am. The knock on effects are plenty more energy, feeling more awake than I have in years and having so much more time to myself.

Two whole hours to get myself together, watch some television, read and have breakfast before work in the morning and sleeping in the post evening film period when I was usually wanting to nod off anyway, too tired to work, essentially clock watching until bedtime.

But more importantly my anxiety has become more manageable and understandable. It's still there and I have had a few wobbles in the past couple of weeks, but I feel more like the version of myself I like to be than I have in ages.

Will this lead me writing more?  Don't know.  I hope so.  Having consciously worked myself out of spending life trying to decide how I'll be blogging about it later rather than enjoying it, to then actually write about it could be viewed as counter-productive ...

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