The resurgence of Indonesia’s movie industry.

Film Indonesia's filming and presentation industry is booming with new cinemas opening and local productions increasing. Bloomberg reports:
"A sign of the changing lifestyle is tucked away behind Cinema 21’s venerable art deco-style Metropole, which was built when Hollywood itself was going through a golden age. In a low, white building, part of the chain’s Premiere brand, wealthy Jakartans pay 100,000 rupiah ($7.07) each to view the latest blockbusters in cosy theaters that offer waiter service and big, padded armchairs that recline at the touch of a button."
Why does this matter?

Because if cinemas are to survive, presentation has to be improved. The seating and projection of films in the average UK multiplex is dreadful, especially considering the considerable price being charged. With the lowering windows between theatrical and digital releases, large screens simply aren't enough.

There's much to be learnt from the Indonesian model.

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