You Will Now Have My Influence.

About The notion of an "influencer" gives my hives, but there's always been little doubt that I've appreciated any free stuff sent to me over the years for me to review.  Quite how much that has ever translated into actual sales, I'm not sure, especially there's still at least one company which still sends me unsolicited review copies despite me not even having mentioned their product for at least five years.

Amazon announced their influencer programme earlier in the year and having always wanted to set up a store front for this silly old site, I greedly fed in my Twitter details only to be told that I didn't qualify.  Well of course not.  But last night, I decided to try again, but instead with my @shakespearelogs feed with its three thousand odd followers and, well it worked.

Welcome to the feeling listless shop.

For now I'm theming the various "ideas lists" around elements of the blog.

So here's somewhere you can buy all the Hamlets. 

My favourite films of every year since films began. Where available.

All the Sugababes albums, of course, including both versions of Taller In More Ways.

The next big project will be to create a chronological shop for the Eighth Doctor to mirror this old thingIt currently only has his TV adventure.

The idea is that people buy things and I get a kick back.  I'm not expecting anything at all.  It's just taken me ten years to get the first £25 voucher.  It's still exciting to finally have one of these even if it's inherently pointless, especially if I don't get around to updating this blog more often.  But I've been busily trapped in the bloggers dichotomy.

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