Christmas Links #2

Christmas for children and families at Liverpool Cathedral:
"Take your pick of these highlights from our Christmas events that are especially enjoyable for families and children."

Why You Are Wrong To Like The Film ‘Elf’:
"There’s been some kerfuffle in Britain this year about Channel 4 losing the rights to show Elf and some genuine upset that this great Christmas film won’t bring the nation together." [originally published in 2014]

Four Ingredient Christmas Cake, 16p:
"First measure out your ginger ale or ginger beer; it needs to be fizzy in order for this to work as the bubbles seem to act as a kind of leavening agent."

Healthy leftover ideas for Thanksgiving and Christmas foods:
"CNN Health's Jacqueline Howard offers tips on how to store and repurpose holiday leftovers, including cranberries and sweet potatoes."

Mince pies tasted by baker Alice Fevronia: 'It screams Christmas':
"The Great British Bake Off finalist picks the best of the 2019 supermarket offerings, with help from Stuart Heritage."

Fawlty at Large, Part One: “Did you book a sprout?”:
"There is a tendency, when talking about TV shows, to get caught up in the same old anecdotes and stock opinions."

BBC One Christmas film encourages people to live their #XmasLife this season:
"BBC One is urging friends and family to get together and enjoy ‘#XmasLife’ with a film that trots out BBC stars and features programmes."

How Yorkshire farmer conquered the Christmas tree market - despite planting them on his 'worst land':
"Dickie Ryder planted 300 Christmas trees in the mid 1970s."

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