Christmas Links #4.

The Christmas Trilobite:
"Up at 5am writing this year's Christmas story. I was convinced that if I carried on sleeping I was going to forget it. Three hours scribbling by lamplight and I think I've written pages of crazy nonsense. It's called - get this - The Christmas Trilobite. Hurray! Coffee now."

Why are fewer Christmas trees growing in the US? Blame the Great Recession.
"It's an interesting time for the Christmas tree industry right now: There are fewer Christmas trees being grown than 10 to 15 years ago, yet more people are buying them. And, they're paying a heftier price to boot."

Marvel's 'Black Widow' Returns in First Trailer:
Just to break out of format briefly (#nurd), but by the end of this trailer I'm more convinced than ever that that one of the post credits sequences on this will feature her waking up on Vormir perhaps next to Gamora after a final Steve Rogers cameo or some such. The Russos say that the reason she didn't get a proper memorial at the close of business in Endgame was because this film was coming. Well ok, fine, but the more believable reason is that she's not really dead, with Black Widow II already commissioned.  Anyway, back to the links ...

Christian group goes ballistic over a Christmas drag show: “An insult to the birth of Christ”:
"The drag show "blurs the lines established by God regarding sexuality," according to the conservative Christian group."

Child homelessness at Christmas up 46% in 4 years:
"The number of children who will spend Christmas in temporary accommodation due to homelessness has risen by almost half in four years, a charity says."

ITV reveals full Christmas Day schedule:
"A host of celebrity quiz show specials, plus a double bill of seasonal soaps."

"Christmas 1957 can be looked at as forming a turning point in the development of a more contemporary way of Christmas. It was for example the last year that there was a full set of Football League fixtures in England, although this TV schedule, unlike that of the BBC, makes no reference to sport."

Ice cream themed Christmas tea room opens for first time in Cornwall:
"Christmas bombes and sundaes are on the menu."

The 50 best Christmas songs of all time:
"Not all Christmas songs are naff. Forget the turkeys – here’s our pick of the festive pops for your Christmas Playlist."

Sophia Takal’s ‘Black Christmas’ Brings an Early Present With This Official Image Gallery:
"Blumhouse will be releasing director Sophia Takal‘s new take on the slasher classic Black Christmas on Friday, December 13, and the official image gallery has arrived today."

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