Liverpool Life It's a busy weekend, as Liverpool attempts to live up it's title of 'The Music City'. An old airport field has been taken over by 'Creamfields', Glastonbury for the clubbing set. One of these years I may actually go to that, since I'm actually beginning to warm to chill-out music, and I'm a sucker for the experience. I've a feeling however I'd actually be a touch out of place (watching Buffy the other night, it occured to me I may be Giles). For the older audience, the rest of the city is playing host to the annual festival for 'The Beatles' - a chance for every cover band in the world from 'The Yellow Submarines' to 'I am a Walrus' to play in one place. The only side effect that if you pub hop at the wrong moment you might find yourself hearing 'Twist and Shout' ten times in a day.

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