Ugh! Next time you're reading one of those funny articles about the things those web-users get up to, might do to think about the actual people, especially if names are named. recently ran an article about Camgirls, bloggers who have webcams on their sites. The article focused on wish-lists - suggestions for presents users might want to send the writers when Birthdays or Christmases come. Candy from strangers is a short article, but the effect on the girls mentioned has been catastrophic. The implication is that having a camera on your site and asking people who view it to send presents and money, is tantermount to prostitution. Visiting the actual sites via the links in the piece, you get a picture of people who suddenly feel that this thing they do to get by each day, which actually gives them a purpose is dirty and exploitative. Good thing they mostly seem to be taking things in their stride and Stuart Ian Burns.

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