Review! I was caught short again this morning, not by the epic chances of war, but an Mtvshowing of Louise (ex-Eternal singer, married to a footballer) and her cover version of Stuck In The Middle With You. In the video, a kitch version of the ear-chopping scene from 'Reservoir Dogs', we find Mrs. Rednapp in silk stocking and little else loving rather than torturing the man in the chair. I'm suddenly filled with mixed feelings. One half of me loaths all this for the travesty it obviously is, but the other half (the half with shakes his booty to Lady Marmalade) thinks it may well be a work of genius, the juxtaposing of two entirely dispirate entities for a winning combination (think Joyrider's version of Jane Weidlin's Rush Hour). Perhaps we should leave the last word to Blind Eye View at the ezboard.

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