Blog! Did you know there is an Italian Metafilter, Veramanent? Trying to cross the cultural divide, I became a member and posted. It's about a girl who's parents are suing her school because she received low grades in Latin. I made the point that in my school you could choose to do woodwork instead. My Italian is, well, non-existent so I used the translator at Alta Vista, assuming what I was posting was garbage, but hoping that it made at least some kind of sense. Sure enough the only follow up smelt my rat and called me. A quick filter of FraSta's post through the Babel Fish produces: "Pardon me Sir?... but you six autotradotto with Altavista? "avrebbe had the choice... " would be: she' d better off as to carpenter? Sin, because on yours blog inexhaustible and esilarante source is one
- very british, anyway - of all." Which probably means something like "Excuse me? Did you use Alta Vista? Are you saying she'd be better of as a Carpenter? That's a very British source. Oh and some comments about your weblog." Good to see that this particular Babel Fish is in no danger of proving the non-existence of God any time soon...

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