Film Yes, it's A.I. again. It seems Foocha! didn't like the film much either, in their spoiler filled review: "(The third act features) the most nauseating, arse-squirming shite you are ever likely to see at your nearest multiplex." Looking over my review from yesterday, I may have been a bit harsh. After all, the performance are generally very good, especially Francis O'Conner as the boy's surrogate mother, who like Laura Fraser should be a star already. And as I said the opening act is great. The final act is also quite lovely, although the boy's realisation that he isn't unique was foreshadowed and done much more touchingly in Toy Story 2. There must have been something in there to make me cry. But it's the heavy handed voice over. And it's the middle act. That bloody middle act. Ok -- I'm turning into that drunk in the bar who can't stop talking about the war...I'll stop it.

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