Starstruck I went to school with a minor celebrity, Mitch Benn, stand-up comic (recently to be hard on 'The Now Show' on Radio Four). I've seen his live show a few times and have his CD (best song: 'Crap Shag'). Imagine my surprise as he strolled towards me in Manchester City Centre today.
I raised my hand in a wave.
'Mitch Benn!' I shouted.
He stopped for a moment, startled.
'Yes!?!' He said.
And it dawns on me that even though we chatted a few times at gigs at this moment he doesn't know me from adam. In fact judging by his slightly freaked expression he thinks I'm about to attack him. So I smile and continue walking, safe in the knowlege that at least he got thrity seconds of material for whatever show he's playing tonight. Of course next time I see him, the conversation will go something like ... 'Remember when I met you in Manchester....'

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