Return It’s been so long I’m trying to remember when my home connection went down. Boringly, I think it was when I installed the beta version of WinAmp 3. My computer would dial-up and connect but when the browser appeared it would actually talk to net, as though the whole world had sent it to Coventry. So I took the drastic step of re-installing my hard disk. This didn’t work and my PC finally crashed. It sat there and looked at me and gave me a ‘general protection failure’ on the blue screen of hell. And there it sat for months. Ironically my computer gave up, when I gave up my job so my limited funds mitigated against an upgrade. But then I looked at my savings account, looked at the all but empty space on my desk next to my monitor and put my order in. My silver dream machine (well crème and pastel blue) arrived on Sunday and here we are now. Hello. So how have you all been?

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