Blog! When I was Star Trek fan, I would always look forward to Peter David's work. His prose seemed effortless in comparison to the other authors, his characterisation as close to the television as anything. His are the only novels I kept when I had the great clear-out. So it's rather fun that he's keeping a fabulously unstarry weblog. I've a feeling he's itching to get his hands on Buffy, the amount of writing he does on the subject, but today he turned his attention to another vampire themed musical:
Early on in the show, Steinman (composer) -- who wrote songs for Meat Loaf --slides about sixteen bars of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" into the middle of Krolock's first song. It draws huge laughs as the audience slowly tweaks to the self-referential digression. But when kicking off Act II, they do a full blown rendition of "Total Eclipse." It's great to hear. They do a terrific job with it. The problem is that it really points up the fact that no other number in the show can touch a song he wrote at least two decades ago, because that's the song you'll come out humming.
'Once More With Feeling' is coming to BBC2 shortly ...

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