Site News This has to be the most heroic spam guestbook entry I've seen:
1 19.10.2002, at 05:45:15
And you are?: Jim Adams
What is your contact email?:
Where are you from?: ny
What is the URL of your home page?:
How did you find me?: From a search engine
Can you recommend a good book?: Poor dad rich dad
What are your top five favourite films?: Godfather Scarface Jesus of Nazareth Spy who loved me Odeysey
What colour is your couch?: green
What record are you listening to right now?: jazz
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I love that someone was obviously googling the word guestbook, picked mine out, actually bothered answering all of my stupid questions before leaving the spam. Pity the link leads to the scariest mess of html and badly formated pictures I've ever seen. Well, OK not really, but is there any need for that ticker tape?

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