Commerce I'm standing in Boots, Manchester paying for a Meal Deal. I've been shopping and have many bags. As I extricate my hand from the handles so that I can dig out some money to pay, a pain shoots through my fingers and I let out a yelp. I look up at the sales girl:
Me: A bit heavy.
Her: You're like my mother.
Me: Am I?
Her: We went shopping the other day. I carried her bags for her. Do you have a Boots card?
Me: No. Bags?
Her: And they were really heavy. I din't know what I was carrying.
Me: What was it?
Her: She'd bought a lunk hammer.

Food In a related topic, the US army is developing a sandwich can last for three years:
Some of the stabilizing agents are manufactured, others are intrinsic to the sandwiches - the bread in the pepperoni sandwich is more or less left alone by the sausage, which lacks moisture; in the barbecue chicken sandwich, acids in the sauce's tomato, vinegar and lemon naturally bind moisture in place.

Still, soldiers aren't likely to take a bite until 2006 because more research is needed - principally, the researchers confessed, on PB&J, the sandwich most demanded by troops in focus groups. Other sandwiches in the works include pizza-flavored and ham and cheese.
Pizza-flavoured how? That said, Boots have increased the range of their sandwiches to cater for all kinds of markets -- some more successful than others. I've tried a fair few over the months and for some reason I keep returning to the Chicken triple-pack ...

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