Health Looking down the list of symptoms, I seem to know a lot of people who are afflicted by SAD -- and it looks like it's common amongst webloggers in particular judging by a random linking from Blogger. Someone is missing a research study right there. If anyone is worried, handbag also include a handy list of treatments:
"Light therapy involves exposure to very bright light (at least 10 times the intensity of ordinary lighting), for up to four hours a day. This is achieved by buying a special light box that can be used at home. Light treatment should be used every day starting in early autumn. The user should sit about two to three feet away from the light box with the light shining in his/her eyes."
Part of the problem seems to be modern work places. Where I'm currently working, the majority of the window shutters are closed and the lights only turn on if there is a lot of activity underneath -- not something which happens in a call centre. At the moment the darkness of winter is just being perpetuated. Can't be healthy.

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