Listless Blogger

Percentage of blogger population: 0.0001%
Hours spent blogging: 30/week
Habitat: Metropolises
Average Age: 28
Favorite hangout: Cinemas and around
Last Book Read: Something about stuff. Probably history.
Favorite Offline Activities: Anything non-interactive, everything interactive
Mode of Dress: T-shirt. Jeans. Leather jacket sometimes.
Typical post: Weblogging Actually I don't think I fit into any of the profiles (although feel free to correct me). I do link a lot, but I try to include personal stories and media reviews. I'm not sure what that means. But forty or so of you who visit at least once every few days think I'm doing something right. Something about Buffy. Saw 'The Road To Perdition' the other afternoon and was very disappointed. [other profiles, Metafilter]

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