Christmas Work broke up for the seasonal break yesterday ... for some of us at least. One question which kept being asked was: "What are you doing for Christmas?" I always had the same answer. "Christmas." I knew what they meant -- will you being going anywhere / meeting anyone? Everyone seemed to be rushing around, in fact doing all the things they do all year anyway -- for example going out for a late night drinking session in town on Christmas Eve. Which is fine for them, it's what they enjoy. It's just at this time of year the spiritual part of me takes over somewhat. You'll know I'm not that religious so it really hasn't anything to do with some deeper significance involving the messiah or whatever. Christmas for me as about family. Friends. It's about doing all the things you haven't been able to do all year for each other, either because circumstances don't permit, or you haven't the 'it'. The one time of the year that every shuts down. The one day when there is little traffic on the roads, the shops are closed, people can if they want to, let everything stop.

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