www The phenomina of online soap operas seems to have been superceded by the real life meandering of us webloggers. Before this kind of updating became a valid proposition though, people (well me) flocked to sites like 'The Spot' were actors and actresses, employed much as they would in real soaps would be shown to interacting, their fictional lives rolling out over many weeks. In some cases, emails were answered 'in-person' (which I can only imagine led to some bozzos thinking that this was real).

As I said, I thought they had died down, but judging by this page I was very much mistaken. Unlike 'The Spot' which was a commercial effort, most seem to be amateur works, and it has to be said are an acquired taste. 'Cordial Deception' is set in the fictional town of Parker's Peek, near Boston and featuring an all star cast (Harrison Ford! Kristen Scott Thomas! Christian Bale!)
"Bryce attempted to form words, by they died on his lips. He had nothing left to say to her -- not until he knew the truth. Not until he knew whether or not Krista was pregnant. He stared breathlessly at her, watching her once-enticing form rise from the couch and walk across the living room. She stopped, still silent, about two steps away from him.


The question burned in his mind, and though her expression showed almost nothing of what she might have been thinking, his thoughts couldn't help but settle on the conclusion that something was wrong.
See, I can tell you're hooked. This is the stuff of Sunset Beach, not Eastenders. There seem to be gaps for another two episodes here, but no updates in months. Yet another cancelled show?

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