Film Whenever I try to put together a film top twenty (never an easy task) I always seem to end up including 'Strange Days' the spinning big city adventure set days before the new millenium. The fascinating article at 24fps gives a full synopsis and carefully describes all of the reasons I love it so much:
“Strange Days” is infected throughout with YK2 psychosis and this apocalyptic “euphoria” at the end-of-the-century party provides a narrative of politico-radical tensions, exacerbations and questionings. A film which disorientates and distances the gaze of spectatorial identifications and representations, simultaneously, accommodates a neo-Marxist critique of late-capitalist pomo-distillation and disintegration. The neo-noiresque mise-en-scene provides a panorama of techno-furious culture, enhanced, encased and endangered within its own techno-euphoria. Mind, memory and matter meld in a set of discursive patterns of techno-postmodern angst.
Couldn't have said that better myself. I do love films which feature downtrodden figures set against a scaperscape which dwarfs them trying to fight the crushing hugeness of it all. It also features the best extrapolation of the nest step in camcorder technology, although the empathic part of the process is some way off yet ...

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