Buffy Reading the movie mistake's guide to Star Trek:Nemesis, it's pretty clear that Trekkers are becoming generally hacked off that their sacred continuity is being roasted on the spit of the general audience. It hadn't occured to me that Buffy fans were just as precious. Then I saw this Idiot's guide to continuity on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a very funny and true look at how internal consistency has gone out of the window:
Vampires, traditionally, fear sunlight.

Long walks in the sun. (Though we have noticed that a blanket seems to protect a vampire from harmful UV rays, we feel this is bullshit. If there is absolutely no way to get around a vampire needing to go for a jog in the sunlight, we bitterly agree to a blanket, though it'd better be a damn thick one. We suggest flannel. Or one of those soft fluffy ones one can buy at a Mariner's game.)
See also this chronology (which still can't make sense out when the slayer's birthday is). I remember almost, very nearly, losing sleep once over 'Quantum Leap'. Was Al the hologram seeing Sam Beckett as himself or as the person he'd leapt into? In some episodes he was lusting after Sam's outer appearance and in other's making snide remarks about seeing him in drag ... [both links via Whedonesuw]

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