Film OK, so Woody Allen's 'Hollywood Ending' wasn't so great. But wait, there's another one along later this year, and this time he's going for the teen market:
"Woody Allen's character is a struggling and insecure artist in New York. He is having an affair with Christina Ricci's character, a dense and self-centered young girl. Jason Biggs is Ricci's boyfriend, and when he finds out about the affair, he confronts Allen. Meanwhile, Allen must avoid Danny Devito who plays Christina Ricci's father, chasing after Allen with a loaded shot gun."
After re-watching 'Annie Hall' and 'Hannah and her Sisters' over the past week, I'm really beginning to miss the times when he mixed comedy and drama and analysis. The fact that "Something Else" features Biggs and Ricci sends out a few mixed messages. Although the thought of a crazed DeVito flying around New York without any care but to shoot Woody does sound strangely appealing (synopsis via the IMDB).

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